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We always have a bunch of plants in our plants nursery which are simply growing too fast, getting too tall, or we've over-propagated. Grab a bargain from our 'buy cheap plants' category and fill your garden with amazing plants for a fantastic price!

Our clearance packs are a fantastic way to go also; a heap of great quality plants for a great price! They're like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get :) They are surprise packs, a range of plants which are in overstock in our plants nursery.

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Photo of Azalea Glowing Embers, plant for sale are MIXED COLOURS
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Azalea, mixed colours

Plants for sale: 20-40 cm tall. We're clearing out our unknown-colour Azalea plants. They are beautiful, strong little plants, but have gotten mixed up without tags and flower colour is not known. Some of the varieties which we grow, and could be the...

Sales price: $ 8.00

Products in Stock: 8

100 Plants Clearance Pack!

A huge pack of 100 plants! This is a surprise pack, we will select 100 beautiful plants for your garden for this great price of $400. These are plants we have over-propagated, or plants which are getting too tall to send, amazing quality at amazing...

Sales price: $ 401.00

Adenium obesum.jpg
Products in Stock: 0

Desert Rose Plants (Adenium obesum)

Usually a shrub no more than about 1.5 m tall, branching into multiple stems with age. The Desert Rose can reach heights of 4.5 m or more in some of its tropical African races. Its usual habitat is sundrenched rock outcrops. The roots are swollen and...

Base price with tax: $ 4.50
Sales price: $ 3.50
Discount: -$ 1.00

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Money Penny / Jade Succulent

Plants for sale: 15-25cm tall. Very hardy succulent, fast growing. Great for dry gardens & full sun.

Sales price: $ 5.00

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Black Sapote, chocolate pudding fruit diospyros digyna
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