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Ixora Prince of Orange

Plants for sale: 15-30cm tall. Gorgeous little evergreen shrub which grows to 2m tall. Large dense heads of striking orange flowers. One of the best for hedges, branch right from ground level.
Sales price: $ 7.50

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About Ixora Prince of Orange

Ixora Prince of Orange is a gorgeous little evergreen shrub which grows up to 2m tall. It flowers from spring to autumn and bears large, dense heads of striking orange flowers. Foliage is beautiful, quite large and glossy green.  Ixora’s are one of the best plants for hedges as they branch well right from the ground upwards, and this can be encouraged by regularly pruning this shrub as well. Pruning will also encourage flowering.

Growing Ixora Prince of Orange

Ixora is best grown in full sun, in a well draining soil. Keep in frost free conditions and fertilize regularly.

Common names:

Ixora; West Indian Jasmine; Jungle Flame, Jungle Geranium

Ixora Prince of Orange plants for sale:

15-30cm tall 


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